Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cookie Party!!!

Cory & Christy, this is for you!!
Do you know what kind of cookie this is?
Yep, if you guessed a Coffee Cookie, you are correct!!
Isn't it cute??
It hangs out on your cup until you're ready to devour it!!
That's awesome!
These are for my Peighton!!
Koko would use them to write her book...
she will write a book one day; you just wait!
Best seller I know it!

This is a really cool picture of colorful sugar cookies on sticks****
I'n not quite sure I read what all was in this cookie, but i'd eat it!
These above are what I am wishing for for my Birthday... Hint, Hint! If anyone out there is listening! I want a rainbow cake! Not only are they pretty but they look like something I would eat if I weren't on this silly diet!
These would be wonderful for a little ones
Birthday Party-- with a lollipop stick sticking out of it!
And these cupcakes are really, really gorgeous!
I love cupcakes!
I love cupcakes with frosting!
I love cupcakes with pretty shades of pink frosting!
I love SUGAR!!!!!!

Okay I think that it for my sugar splurge for the day!
Hope you all have SWEET dreams!!

Till next time Lov-lees!

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