Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something New!!

I can't believe it took me so long to get the program...
I am loving all the different things you can do.
I need a new model to post on!!
Any takers??????????????????????
Bethanie is BEAUTIFUL though... I could just keep posting her sweet face !

Till next time lov-lees!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Timothy Olyphant:::Justified

I absolutely L.O.V.E. love Timothy Olyphant!!! If Jake and I ever split ways...;-) Did you see "Catch & Release" with Jennifer Garner?? Yes this fabulous, hunk of a man was the "bad boy best friend" that did everything wrong, which of course only made you want him more! Okay, so i am a little infatuated but I am the oldest child and usually get what I want and i think I might just want him... hehehe! A girl can dream, right??

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beth-Annie::: Senior 2010

This is my beautiful, young, not so little any more cousin, Bethanie. She gave me the pleasure of letting me take her Senior pictures this week. I had so much fun. The photography bug has really bitten me! Please remember this is my actual first adventure on the photography scene, so be gentle!

Find My Balance Saturday!

This is my Saturday vent! I just hate dirty dishes... yes it is true that there are 6 of us dirtying these dishes but still, I hate them! AS SOON AS THE SINK IS CLEAN, THE DIRTY DISHES RETURN!
As the day goes and the dishes get cleaned, I have an empty sink again!!

I love my sink! I only wish I could see it in its full glory more often!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portrait Innovations

Here are a few photos we had taken at Portrait Innovations! I think the turned out really well and after tweeking them with Photoshop I think they look even better.

After creating the awesome little photos I think it is time for me to get up and be somebody. This momma needs a shower desperately bad... my kids would agree!! I am going to take some photos this evening and tomorrow that I will post before/after.

Until next time lovies...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Long time no see...

So it has been a while since I dropped you a line. I have been just a little busy taken care of my 4 beautiful daughters. Since the last time we talked Konleigh has started first grade and is doing amazing! She is a total bookworm, it's crazy seeing as I barely know how to read anymore. hehe J/K. My sweet little Peighton has changed from a toddler to a little girl... she amazes me every day.

My Addie is just something to write home about I tell ya! She is beautiful, amazing, funny, giggley, curious, and yes , of course, she is super sweet! I love her little warm hands the most... it's like she is still trying to figure them out sometimes. They are very busy those little fingers! I just love her! Have I already said that? Sorry but I do!!!

Briar, Briar, my little punkin pie-er! What a doll this kid is... luv, luv, luv this one!! maybe because she's the youngest! maybe because she's just flat out adorable! whatever the reason I luv her bunches! mom thinks she said Mama on Saturday maybe that's why!! hmmm!

till next time lovies-