Monday, July 20, 2009

Adelyn and Briar are home!

Adelyn Kole and Briar Lynley were born on July 1st, 2009.

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I finally have some great news to share. Our sweet Briar came home on July 8th, just one week in the NICU! She was a bit lazy at first but has been on the fast track to gaining and growing since we've been home. She weighed 5lbs 7oz at her 2 week check up. Everything has been in normal baby mode around our house, but that is changing.
Adelyn was released from the hospital today July 20th. It was a wonderful day for our family. Adelyn weighed only 3lbs 14.2oz. She is making wonderful progress though. Eating like a champ. She will be a chunk just like Briar in no time.

Of course, Konleigh and Peighton are excited about having another baby in our house but I expect that will change in time. Jealousy always rears its ugly head when a new person is welcomed into the family much less 2 new people. Only time will tell.

Jake and I are on a slight high right now. Having our family all home together is a blessing. Like Jake always says, "we discussed having a third child but never even talked about having 4" but I truely believe our family is complete now. Koko, Peighters, Adelyn & Briar will someday know how lucky they are to have sisters to share their lives with. Children are the true blessing of this world.

Welcome home sweet girls. We are overjoyed to have you in our family! Love, Mom

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

32 Weeks and counting

So today was a really hard day for me... I had a scan of the twins to measure growth first thing this morning. All looked okay, Adelyn weighed 2lbs 15oz & Briar weighed 4lbs 10 oz! Both grew so I was happy. Then we had to focus on BPP's (basically the girls blood pressure that is measured through the umbilical cords) and Adelyn's was high. Needless to say I did not get to leave today, and I was not very happy about that. I have made it to 32 weeks and we are hoping that I can get 2 more weeks in before the girls HAVE to be delivered, so if you will cross your fingers and say a pray for us I would greatly appreciate it. The longer Adelyn and Briar are in me the shorter their stay in NICU will be. I will do my best to you updated; I have a feeling I am going to be on actual BEDREST for the duration of this pregnancy... wish me luck!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Konleigh's 6th Birthday at Lbk Water Rampage

We had so much fun at Lubbock Water Rampage. Konleigh was confident that she was not going to go down the BIG slides, but of course went straight to the top and came down probably 3 times before I even knew what was going on! She's getting so big and independent, it makes me so sad to see her growing so fast!

Peighton got some slide time too. This poor kid probably could have stayed all day. Swimming is FUN!!!!!

The Shepard Kids all together to celebrate a day in sun. Thank goodness we had great weather. As a mother I watched my growing family have the time of their life today. What a glorious site!

may all your wishes come true!

All the kids enjoyed the lazy river and wave pool. I can't believe my sweet little Princess, that hated getting water in her face, can actually go under and swim. 

This is Jake and Konleigh coming down the slide one last time so that I could at least get one picture as proof that she did the impossible, go Konleigh! 

My sweet little Peighton LOVED the water! She could not help herself, she is not scared at all, which can be very scary for any mom.

She really thought she was hot stuff. Nene let her be a movie star is her sunglasses for just a bit.

Nene (Alicia) and Peighton enjoying the water in the wave pool. I was very jealous.

All our little buddies made it out to the park today for the party. Ellory, Kendall, Kate, Lexi, Lacey, Fox, Cooper, Carson, Brynlee, Bax, Brandon, Penny & Anna all joined us to bask in the sun! 

Sweet Hollie, Cory, Dawnya, Sherilyn, Rachel & Shelley came out as the MOM SQUAD to help with crowd control. They did an awesome job. Way to go mommies!

My handsom hubby really enjoyed the wave pool. Him and Peighton had a whale of a good time. Peighton laughed the entire time.

Unfortunately, I did not make it into the water, although I did have my Drs permission to enjoy the lazy river, except to cool my feet. I was just glad this was a day I got to enjoy with my beautiful family... hopefully in a few weeks we will welcome Adelyn & Briar to the party.

Thanks to everyone that made this day a memorable one! We love and appreciate you all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New found craft

So I am trying to learn all about blogging... A little harder than creating a colorful scrap page! Hopefully I will catch on quickly.  
Tomorrow we are celebrating Konleigh's 6th Birthday, she really wanted a swimming party, so Lubbock Water Rampage here we come! I'll try to remember to take some good pictures.